We are a consulting company focussed on pharmaceuticals, biotech products and medical
devices, with special interest in the biotechnology sector.

BIP FOCUS offers an extensive range of professional consulting services for the entire process
from product development to commercialisation and business development.

We provide our clients with customised and integrated solutions specific to their business
throughout the whole commercialisation process, including technology analysis and
evaluation, market research, global marketing, building global partnerships, in- and out- licensing
activities and deal making.

We deliver services to our clients worldwide across the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical
device sectors, encompassing organisations of all sizes, from promising start-up entities
to leading businesses and multinational companies, as well as to researchers in academic
institutions and hospitals.

BIP FOCUS is committed to our client’s success by using our skills and global resources to add
value to their products and technology.

We operate out of offices in Australia and Korea with a broad global reach through our
extensive network of partners and experts in the field.


BIP FOCUS supports research institutions and companies facing difficulties with the
expansion of their business caused by limited information and complex regulations and
procedures, and helps to expand their business globally with the right international business

By maximising the value of technology and developing an optimised business model for
globalisation, we place strong emphasis on achieving commercial success for the most
promising innovative technologies.

We also aim to build and revitalise an innovation ‘bio-ecosystem’ which enables and supports
enhanced global collaboration.


TRUSTWe work with people who we trust, based on reliable information, and we work hard
to build your trust in us.

CONFIDENTIALITYWe keep your information and data confidential and use your
information only for the purpose of supporting you.

PARTNERSHIPWe work closely with you to grow and develop your business and create
a win-win business model.

PROFESSIONALITYWe provide high levels of professional and differentiated services
to meet your needs.