Business Development

Using BIP FOCUS’s pool of global experts and partners, we offer services for reviewing and
analysing technology and for developing the optimum commercial strategy for maximising
the value of your technology or product.

We assist clients with extensive market research based on a localisation strategy and by
providing opportunities for international business expansion with the ideal positioning for your

Building global partnerships

We help you find prospective business partners by matching sellers and buyers. We will
provide you with a wide range of partnering opportunities based on BIP FOCUS’s extensive
global network.

Licensing and Deal making

We support clients with their in-licensing and out-licensing processes, taking a flexible
approach and tailoring our service to dovetail with your internal capabilities and activities.

We provide comprehensive consulting services which span all stages of technology
acquisition, development and commercialisation, from sourcing through to deal

We provide unique solutions which satisfy the needs of product developers and buyers,
and we coordinate and facilitate the negotiations for getting the deal done.

Developing marketing materials

We help clients develop marketing materials such as sales marketing kits (SMKs),
brochures, video clips and presentations. We provide document preparation services
that are necessary for effective global marketing.

Advisory services for R&D activities in Australia

We support clients with clinical trials and contract manufacturing in Australia by providing
advice and guidelines on the relevant regulations and by matching clients with a suitable
CRO or CMO partner, and we offer corporate advisory services to assist with business
establishment in Australia.